to different grain storage facilities in the surroundings of Berlin or to three important Federal Research Centers within Berlin
Wednesday afternoon, October 10, 2018 (bus departure approx. 12:45- 13.00 h)

Excursion 1
FGL Grain Terminal in Fürstenwalde, southeast of Berlin*

Excursion 2
FGL Grain Terminal in Kyritz, northwest of Berlin*

Excursion 3
FGL Grain Terminal in Schwedt, northeast of Berlin*

* FGL Handelsgesellschaft Mbh provides agricultural trading and related services and is one of the largest grain traders in the northeast of Germany.

Excursion 4
Agrar GmbH grain trade in Nauen, northwest of Berlin

Excursion 5
Federal Research Centers for Cultivated Plants (JKI, SPP group), for Material Sciences (BAM, wood pest group) and for Environment (UBA, urban pest group) within Berlin

Excursion 6
Organic Farm with grain storage, Schmerwitz, southwest of Berlin

Excursion 7
Protection of museum artefacts, Berlin – walking excursion (barrier-free)

Excursion 8
- Beiselen GmbH grain trade region Magdeburg, 2 h west of Berlin
- Magdeburger Getreide GmbH, 2 h west of Berlin

Note: All technical excursions will only take place if sufficient numbers of participants register on time. In case a given excursion is not carried out you will be informed on time, you may be booked onto another excursion or costs will be refunded.