12th International Working Conference on
Stored Product Protection

to different grain storage facilities in the surroundings of Berlin or to three important Federal Research Centers within Berlin
Wednesday afternoon, October 10, 2018 (bus departure approx. 12:45- 13.00 h)

Excursion 1
FGL Grain Terminal in Fürstenwalde, southeast of Berlin*

Excursion 2
FGL Grain Terminal in Kyritz, northwest of Berlin*

Excursion 3
FGL Grain Terminal in Schwedt, northeast of Berlin*

* FGL Handelsgesellschaft Mbh provides agricultural trading and related services and is one of the largest grain traders in the northeast of Germany.

Excursion 4
Agrar GmbH grain trade in Nauen, northwest of Berlin

Excursion 5
Federal Research Centers for Cultivated Plants (JKI, SPP group), for Material Sciences (BAM, wood pest group) and for Environment (UBA, urban pest group) within Berlin

Excursion 6
Organic Farm with grain storage, Schmerwitz, southwest of Berlin

Excursion 7
Protection of museum artefacts, Berlin – walking excursion (barrier-free)

Excursion 8
- Beiselen GmbH grain trade region Magdeburg, 2 h west of Berlin
- Magdeburger Getreide GmbH, 2 h west of Berlin

Note: All technical excursions will only take place if sufficient numbers of participants register on time. In case a given excursion is not carried out you will be informed on time, you may be booked onto another excursion or costs will be refunded.