Session titles and co-chairs:

1. Food Security and Challenges to Stored Product Protection --- Jim Throne, Jordi Riudavets
2. Biology, Ecology and Behavior --- Zhihong Li, Pasquale Trematerra
3. Detection and Monitoring --- Otilia Carvalho, James Campbell
4. Engineering for Stored Product Protection & Pest Prevention --- Dirk Maier, Watcharapol Chayaprasert
5. Physical and Biological Control --- Matthias Schöller, Blaine Timlick
6. Fumigants, Controlled Atmospheres, and Hermetic Storage --- Manoj Nayak, Ricardo Bartosik
7. Contact Pesticides, Residual Products, and Plant Extracts --- Frank Arthur, Daniel Obeng-Ofori
8. Postharvest Pest Management and Extension in Developing Countries --- Elias Nukenine, Herbert Talwana
9. Integrated Pest and Resistance Management --- Christos Athanassiou, Thomas Phillips
10. Microbiology, Food Safety, Quarantine, and Regulatory Aspects --- Paul Fields, Vaclav Stejskal

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