Dear colleagues and friends,

With great joy I take this opportunity to invite you all to the upcoming 12th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection in Berlin, Germany. Like the Olympics this meeting is held every four years and like the Olympics we want to accumulate the best in our field of stored product protection. In contrast to the Olympics we are not competing but exchanging new findings and ideas in order to improve stored product protection.

In a number of places these are uneasy times due to climate change, political unrest or poverty. All the more it is important to keep up with the challenges to food safety by better protecting what we harvest. Less post-harvest losses and less waste can benefit our climate by reducing green-house emissions, can help to save water for irrigation and save arable land, last not least prevent starvation. Let us get together and strengthen our knowledge in the diverse technologies used for stored product protection in different parts of the world. Wisdom is scattered and it is worth-while to put this puzzle together.

As organizers we will do our best to make you feel welcome both professionally and personally. For colleagues from resource-poor countries presenting data there will be some limited travel funds you may apply for in the registration process. Please check the key dates and please inform your colleagues and potential sponsors or exhibitors about this conference.
All the best and I hope you can make it to Berlin in October 2018


Cornel S. Adler (General Chair)