Conference venue is the Maritim Pro Arte Hotel in Berlin, Friedrichstrasse 151 (https://www.maritim.com/en/hotels/germany/proarte-hotel-berlin/hotel-overview). The main entrance is located in Dorotheenstrasse. The conference will be held in the first floor (conference floor above the hotel lobby). The site map shows you adjacent conference halls, a large foyer and a hall (Saal II) for coffee breaks, exhibition and poster demonstration.
If required additional space will be available.

Exhibitors will receive detailed information.

2_a_Hotel entrance Dorotheenstr Adler 17062_b_BPA_149_view on hotel in twilight
2_c_BPA_089 Foyer ground floor2_d_BPA_103 conference hall
2_e Site map conference floor Maritim Pro Arte