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Whenever you visit Berlin, you will find this vibrant city full of exciting events, concerts, exhibitions and shows.

 Top Sightseeing Berlin

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Getting around in Berlin

Berlin has excellent public transport. With a day-ticket for 7 Euros you can travel around in Berlin for the whole day. But there are other tickets available that make it easy to get around in the city. More information on the public transport and tickets can be found at:



Food and Restaurants

There are supermarkets located in and around S-Friedrichstr. just a short walk from the conference venue. Restaurants from of all price levels are in walking distance too and Oranienburger Straße with lots of international restaurants is close by. There is a wide variety of restaurants in walking distance, some of them can be found at


Choice of Restaurants (PDF)


More activities

Flea Markets - Music - Dancing and more (PDF)


Festival of Lights


One important highlight in October is the Festival of Lights. The 14th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS will illuminate Berlin from 5th to 14th October 2018. A lot of national and inter­national artists will present buildings and squares in the historic center of Berlin in a new light.



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